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The Recovery101 Course

Recovery101 is an interactive, online learning experience designed to support your journey in re-defining and re-establishing your life amidst mental health challenges.

Recovery101 is co-produced by professionals and individuals with lived experience of mental illness to ensure that relevant information and practical strategies are provided from various perspectives. Tailored to your unique journey, the course will guide you through a greater understanding of recovery, mental health, and well-being.

“No one else can heal you the way you heal yourself. That is your own special magic.”
Mental health issues can affect anyone, but the good news is that recovery is possible.
Recovery doesn’t always mean the end of mental health issues. Rather, recovery is the ability to positively respond to challenges, transform your life, and find hope to live beyond your symptoms.

Who is Recovery101 for?

Recovery101 can be beneficial to people..

• dealing with mental health challenges
• living with mental illness
• dealing with addiction issues
• caring for individuals with mental illness

…and anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of the recovery process.
“Recovery is beautiful. It is the most wonderful place in the world to be…living inside my own skin has never felt so good. Take responsibility for your recovery… educate and empower yourself…”

Person with lived experience

Modules –

Each course module includes information, perspectives and strategies that you can practice in your everyday life. You can do them at your own pace. We recommend that you give yourself enough time to reflect on each module and think about how it applies to your life. Topics covered include:
1. What is Recovery?
2. How Recovery Begins?
3. Helpful Recovery Strategies
4. Promoting Mental Health and Well-being
5. Moving Forward and Taking Action

“Recovery is an individual’s own design, each person creates the recovery that will contribute to the future they want and will provide the wellness and well-being practices that work best for them”

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